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Rolling drum risers can be easily constructed using UltraStage decks, X-frames and special FW-1 and FW-2 screw-in locking casters.

4x4 rolling drum riser with Plexiglass topThe X-frame's adjustable leveling feet are removed and replaced with FW-1's on the four corners and FW-2's on the two middle locations. The FW-2 supports two frame legs; one by screw-in attachment and the other rests in place on the FW-2's top plate and locator nub. Two DC-1 deck clamps secure the deck surfaces tightly together.

A choral riser can be simply made using standard UltraStage 2'x8' or 2'x4' decks and legs with adjustable leveling feet. LC-2 leg clamps secure platforms to each other and guard rails can be attached to the back and side as required.

With the flexibility UltraStage's system provides, and the availability of custom deck sizes, a choral riser can be tailormade to meet the specific needs of any venue.